Friday, January 1, 2010

Kindle 1 Tips and Tricks

Kindle Tips and Tricks for New Users: Amazon's E-Book Reader Holds Hidden Capabilities

Oprah has endorsed the amazing Amazon Kindle, so a rise in Kindle sales is expected. Experienced users can offer a wealth of hints for those lucky new users.

Kindle Keyboard Shortcuts

Once a user becomes familiar with the small keys on the Kindle, using keyboard shortcuts is second nature. This list is something new Kindlers will want to memorize.

General Shortcuts

  • Alt+T shows the time.
  • Alt+SHIFT+R reboots the Kindle.
  • Alt+P plays mp3 files saved to an SD card.
  • Alt+F skips to the next mp3 song.
  • Alt+SHIFT+0 (zero) makes a screenshot into a background.

Shortcuts While Reading

  • Alt+B bookmarks the current page.
  • Alt+SHIFT+G makes a jpeg screenshot of the current screen.
  • Alt+Next Page jumps to the next section of the book (usually about 5%).
  • Alt +Previous Page jumps back to the previous section of the book (usually about 5%).

Shortcuts While Using the Internet

  • Alt+1 shows the current location (through Google maps)
  • Alt+2 finds available gas stations (through Google maps)
  • Alt-3 finds available restaurants (through Google maps)

Shortcuts for the Kindle Search Key

The search key is a handy way to find a word in any of the books stored on the kindle. It is also an easy way to access information on certain websites, provided the Kindle is connected to the internet.

  • @help
  • @store
  • @web
  • @wiki

Shortcuts While Typing Text

Getting used to typing on the Kindle takes a little bit of time. Manuevering the text can be challenging. Here are some hints:

  • Alt+Backspace will clear everything.
  • Alt+H will move the cursor to the right.
  • Alt+J will move the cursor to the left.

Beyond the shortcuts, the Kindle has other features that become easier as a person uses the kindle more often.

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